Does your company want to partner with Mike?

For the past 21 years, all on his own, Mike has taught these skills to hundreds of thousands of kids in more than 10,000 classrooms. 
 Today, Mike seeks a corporate partner to share his vision and revolutionalize education. Imagine your company's name and logo reaching millions of families while bringing Mike's superhuman math and memory strategies to life for children everywhere. What if — all because your company made it happen — we can teach kids to process, memorize, focus and problem solve better than they ever thought possible?

Who is Mike?

  • He has one of the fastest processing minds in the world!
  • What sets Mike apart from every other genius is his ability to TEACH kids how they can learn and accomplish far beyond what was thought possible.
  • Has spoken to thousands of classrooms over the past 21 years (always for free)
  • Created a multi award winning product for home use called Brainetics to teach kids and families how to empower their minds, and hundreds of thousands of kids have and are using it!
  • Has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows, both national and local.
Mike on ABC's 20/20
Mike on FOX Superhuman
Mike presenting at an assembly
What teachers say about Mike

What we'll create together...

Mike's award-winning product, Brainetics, meant for use in the home, is now being used by thousands of teachers across the country. Mike wants to partner with a corporation to film and market a series of short, fun, and engaging videos designed for the classroom that teachers can use periodically throughout the school year (see example videos below).

Instead of boring lecture videos on general focus and memorization techniques, these videos teach magic tricks, math shortcuts, and competitive problem-solving games, and more. By playing these team games and practicing impressive tricks to wow family and friends, students improve on the below skills, all while having fun in the process. In only 45 minutes each week for 3 months, every student will have:

  • Razor-sharp focus
  • Improved direction-following skills
  • Greatly-improved problem-solving skills
  • A mega memory and amazing recall
  • Improved academic confidence

Every video and take-home worksheet will be branded with your logo, and Mike will promote our joint venture as he speaks at assemblies, TV, and radio shows across the country.

Thirteen Colonies Mnemonic Device
Squaring Numbers
in the 50s

How The System Works

Watch videos in the classroom

Each video is short and teaches an interactive, engaging exercise for the entire class to do.

Play a competitive team game in class

By practicing these fun exercises, students improve focus, concentration, memory, confidence, and more.

Teach family and friends at home

This is not only a great way to reinforce and practice the material, but with custom-branded take-home worksheets, it also means more exposure to your brand.

Join us in our goal to change millions of lives.

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