Mike with the Windy City Live cast

A self-taught whiz with a knack for identifying patterns in words and numbers, Mike’s gift has earned him recognition by Princeton rejhp_8905searchers as possessing one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world.  Twelve years ago he left his job in the commodities market to teach his rapid-fire problem solving skills to people of all ages and backgrounds.


Mike visiting a wonderful classroom at CPS

Mike visiting a wonderful Chicago Public School classroom

Giving back to the community is paramount in Mike’s agenda. Mike has visited over 19,000 classrooms over the last 20 years and he has never charged any of them for his presentation.


A successful instructor, Mike has worked with students of all abilities, including both gifted and learning disabled, to do things they never thought they could do and become inspired in the process.

While many of Mike’s fans are students, teachers, and educators, a fast-growing contingent of his core audience (more than 35 percent of his fan base) are adults.   His program has been adopted by nursing homes to help seniors sharpen their memories and stave off degenerative conditions like dementia.

Mike on Home and Family

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