Mike Byster’s ‘Teachable Genius’

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Mike Byster won the title on Fox’s Superhuman, but did you know that what Mike did in his challenge is actually teachable?

If we give kids things to learn but we don’t teach them HOW to learn, they have a disadvantage.  They must first figure out how to learn before they start to learn. Mike Byster wants to get his learning methods in ALL SCHOOLS to give every child the tools they need to reach their full potential. To see Mike empowering kids please go to mikebysterkids.com

‘Teachable Genius’: Accessible Genius for EVERY Student’s Lifetime Learning Journey

‘Teachable Genius’ is necessary genius for every student across the nation. And Mike Byster wants to make it an accessible genius for every child across the nation.


Mike Byster needs a partner to help in the production of the digital school version and the books for younger kids. This system needs to be available to every school.  Mike doesn’t want any student to not be able to access it because of income.  We would love the chance to discuss this with you! Please view Mike’s Plea below to hear his passion for education:

Teachable Genius is not about math, games or language however, it uses all of these to reach one ultimate goal; Learning how to learn.

It is a system that works in tandem with how the brain learns. It teaches how to use your brain in the best most efficient ways possible which builds to SELF TAUGHT GENIUS. It is more vital than ever to get these skills into every school in the nation!

If we continue on the educational path we are on now we may lose our next generation of learners and critical, creative thinkers.

Mike Byster’s school system, “Teachable Genius” offers these skills:

It Starts With:

Confidence and resilience are the most crucial and vital skills to learning.  If you don’t have the confidence to try and to fail then you can’t learn.  Mike’s system builds confidence by using fun tricks and games and he encourages students to try-try again. He shows students that they CAN DO IT!

And then they move on with confidence to learn these skills:

Focus/concentration: Mike presents lessons that have many steps.  If you can conquer these lessons, you can focus your focus. Focus is crucial to learn because we are actually fighting the loss of focus.

Recent studies have shown that our attention span is decreasing.  Mike teaches how to focus through fun practice exercises.  And to be able to focus one must be able to concentrate.

Once you have the focus and concentration skills going you can begin organization of your thoughts by utilizing the steps to figure out the day you were born, the faster ways to calculate problems and begin to memorize more effectively.

Organization is rooted in how you remember things.  Mike’s memory lessons help students to organize their thoughts so that they can remember what is important and forget the minutia.

If you can learn the basics above it is now time for Thinking-outside the box! To write a great book, one needs to know how language works, how to write, how to spell and structure sentences.  It is only after you have those skills down that you can really begin to play with language and come at problems from different points of view and think outside the box as a way of problem solving! Mike has done this all of his life and it has culminated in the methods he teaches.

This kind of learning needs to be a way of life, just like your diet, your bedtime routine, etc.  Just like going to the gym keeps you healthy. Practice all of these skills above because the art of learning is never over! There is always room for improvement and growth. The more you do these things, the bigger and stronger your mental capacity will be.

Mike Byster’s system needs to be in every school, to keep learning flourishing and to combat the effects of technology. We are not knocking technology! Mike’s method is to be used alongside technology in the hope of creating a balance between what we can know easily and what we can create with the power of our minds.

TOGETHER is how we create the next generation of SUPERHUMAN kids. TOGETHER we can make this dream a reality!

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Julie Alexander (Mike’s Assistant)