Mike Byster’s Media Kit

Mike Byster Wins the Title on FOX’s SuperHuman Monday June 26th at 8:00 central time!

Mike Byster is Passionate About Education!

Mike Byster has one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world! Mike, the creative genius behind “Brainetics”, is dynamically brilliant, charismatic edu-fun and completely brings a unique, professional energy to any show he is on! His Mental Math, Memory, Focus, Concentration and Organization skills will amaze and astound!  Give Mike 10 minutes with anyone and he enthusiastically changes their lives!

20/20 Video- Mike Byster Turns Average Kids In to Whiz Kids!

Mike SHOCKED 20/20!  After he was on their show, they received more email than with any other guest.

Home and Family – 2/12/15

Windy City Live – 8/27/13

40 percent of Mike’s audiences are adults and seniors who are there to learn for themselves.

Mike Is Empowering Minds

Mike teaches kids the skills they need for success.  Skills that they will NEVER be taught in schools. Mike has gone to over 16,000 classrooms and has done so for FREE.

Mike Invented the Award Winning Product and

Wrote the Book


He gave the TedX Talk

The Media Can’t Get Enough of This Down to Earth Self Taught Genius!


FOX’s Upcoming Competition Show Features a Mental Math Genius

Skokie math whiz Mike Byster shows off his skills on Fox’s ‘Superhuman’

Local brainiac Mike Byster competes on ‘Superhuman’

Math Genius Mike Byster WGN

VIDEO: Sneak Peek – ‘Believe the Unbelievable’ on Next Episode of SUPERHUMAN

‘Superhuman’ season 1, episode 3 preview: ‘Believe the Unbelievable’

St. Barnabas students learn quick ways to solve math problems


Famous Mathematician Mike Byster Found a Fun and Easy Way to Answer Daunting Math Problems

Researchers finding ways to erase unhappy memories

6 Tips for Better Learning


In a ten or fifteen minute radio interview, Mike can teach parents how to change their kids lives and help them reach their full potential.  Mike has been interviewed on WGN, NPR and The Gayle King Show. He is a monthly regular on Ocean 98 – Bulldog in the Morning.

norman byster

Bulldog in the Morning-08/17/15

John Williams Show WGN 720-06/19/17

Bulldog in the Morning- 3/20/17

To book Mike Byster for your show, contact Julie Alexander.